Sensible discussion needed over coal seam gas

THE NSW Government should follow Queensland’s lead and sign up to the new National Coal Seam Gas Agreement that aims to strengthen regulation in this sensitive new industry, says State MP for Keira Ryan Park.

“I have always said that coal seam gas was a significant issue for our local area. I have written to the NSW Minister for Energy, calling on the NSW Liberal Government to sign up to the National Partnership Agreement and get scientific advice before they give out any more permits for the exploration of this gas” Mr Park said.

“What we need is sensible discussion about this issue. It’s time to stop playing the blame game, and get serious about this industry. By signing up to this agreement the public can have more confidence going forward.

“In the Illawarra we are very familiar with the importance of industry, particularly mining, however we are a community that wants assurances when it impacts on our local environment.

“This agreement will see the establishment of an independent expert scientific committee that will provide advice to Government’s on Coal Seam Gas developments and their potential impact on water resources, especially sensitive areas like the Catchment Area, located in the Illawarra,” Mr Park said.

“I applaud the Federal Government for establishing this partnership agreement and making positive steps towards stronger reform. I strongly urge the Premier [Barry O’Farrell] to recognise the concerns that the public has surrounding this emerging industry and immediately sign up to this National Agreement.

About Mick Roberts

A Sydney journalist, writer and historian, Mick Roberts specialises in Australian cultural history, particularly associated with the Australian hotel and liquor industry. Mick has had an interest in revealing the colourful story of pubs, inns and associated industries in Australia for over 30 years. He is currently working on a comprehensive history of the hotel and liquor industry in the Illawarra region of NSW. Besides writing a number of history books, Mick has owned and managed several community newspapers. He was one time editor of the Wollongong Northern News, The Bulli Times, The Northern Times, The Northern Leader and The Local - all located in the Wollongong region. As a journalist he has worked for Rural Press, Cumberland (News Limited), Sydney based, City News, and Torch Publications based in Canterbury Bankstown, NSW. He currently calls the inner-Sydney suburb of Surry Hills home.


One thought on “Sensible discussion needed over coal seam gas

  1. CSG Sucks !! & Stop Wasting Water !!

    Oh my goodness!!… Mr Ryan Park hold onto your seat, and decent Aussies hold onto your hats if this National Partnership Agreement on Coal Seam Gas and Large Coal Mining (NPA) gets a foothold!!

    This NPA is a brainchild of Energy Minister, Martin Ferguson and is now marketed by the PM who proudly “turned the first sod of soil” to commence the destruction of Curtis Island by launching this breathtaking economically driven development. On the 26th May 2011, our PM stood smiling next to Anna Blight as the sign pronouncing Port Curtis was revealed.

    Santos Chief Executive and Managing Director David Knox said.”Over the life of the project, GLNG will pay around $40 billion in Federal Income Tax.” So what incentive is there for Martin to accept scientific evidence?

    How can any bleedin’ thinkin’ Aussie have faith in any major political party? Does Mr Park really support an initiative to smoke screen and pull the wool over our eyes while more of Australia is dug up or sucked out, and then transported to the Northern Hemisphere!

    The National Water Commission published its Position Statement in Dec. 2010. Governments ignored, The NWC tried again in a “Plea to Julia” in August 2011, to be heard. Hundreds of scientists and scientific bodies around Australia and the world have tried to communicate the dangers of CSG and coal extraction.Governments are selectively deaf. The threat to our resources of land and water ARE real.

    The ‘science’ is there, the real ‘experts’ have spoken. We don’t need another smoke screen to blind us and waste our hard-earned money.

    We now need a nationally-minded parliament to forget gas and coal, and move Australia to renewable energy sources and build a sustainable future for our people.


    Posted by G Hanlon | February 15, 2012, 10:50 pm

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