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Corrimal man charged

police 5SENIOR police are dismayed with the behaviour of some motorists after the results of Operation Compliance 5 were released today.

During a one-day operation conducted yesterday (Wednesday 2 December 2015), police issued 14535 infringement notices, including almost 12000 for drink and drug driving.


About 9:15am yesterday (Wednesday December 2) a 39-year-old man from Corrimal was seen driving through a school zone in Wollongong with his two-year-old son in the vehicle. He was stopped and submitted to a breath test that returned a positive result.

 He was arrested and taken to Wollongong Police Station where he submitted a breath analysis that returned a second positive result of 0.092. His licence was suspended and he was issued a field court attendance notice for the offence of mid range PCA.
With Christmas such a short time away, these results should be a real concern for all road users,” Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander said.
“To have 1312 drivers identified using a mobile phone, where they are distracted, taking their eyes off the road, puts us all at risk.

“To see some drivers openly abusing police for issuing infringements given such selfish driving behaviour suggests a clear lack of personal responsibility, which is a key issue for road safety.

“With 1269 drivers stopped for school zone offences our children, their parents and siblings, teachers and other school staff are directly in harm’s way.

“Traffic and Highway Patrol Command officers, working alongside general duty police, will continue to focus on high-risk driver behaviour across our state, with these operations running at any time.

“With Christmas soon to be upon us, drivers, riders, cyclists and pedestrians need to take a greater personal responsibility for their actions,” Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.

In total, police issued 1312 infringements for illegal mobile use, 1269 infringements for school zone offences and 11954 infringements for drink and drug driving.


About Mick Roberts

A journalist, writer and historian, Mick Roberts specialises in Australian cultural history, particularly associated with the Australian hotel and liquor industry. Mick has had an interest in revealing the colourful story of pubs, inns and associated industries in Australia for over 30 years. He is currently working on a comprehensive history of the hotel and liquor industry in the Illawarra region of NSW. Besides writing a number of history books, Mick has owned and managed several community newspapers. He was one time editor of the Wollongong Northern News, The Bulli Times, The Northern Times, The Northern Leader and The Local - all located in the Wollongong region. As a journalist he has worked for Rural Press, Cumberland (News Limited), Sydney based, City News, and Torch Publications based in Canterbury Bankstown, NSW. He currently calls the inner-Sydney suburb of Surry Hills home.


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