New dirt bike tracks at Bulli and Fairy Meadow completed and open for riders

The Bulli Park dirt bike track has opened for riders.

NEW dirt bike tracks have been opened at Bulli and Fairy Meadow in time for Christmas.

The Wollongong City Council project also includes a new track at West Dapto. The three tracks were designed to give opportunities for young riders to improve their skills.

Council’s director of infrastructure and works, Joanne Page said each track was built near existing illegal bike tracks, which were made by enthusiastic riders.

Ms Page said community input was sought for each of the track concepts before starting work.

“Thanks to the support of our community, we were able to build great local bike tracks that are safer and better than the illegal tracks that cause damage to sensitive environments,” she said.

“This was an ambitious and innovative project that was made possible by the enthusiasm and input of our community. What we hope to see in the next few months is community members, especially younger riders, take responsibility and pride in these new tracks and not only enjoy riding them but help to maintain them and their surrounds.

“Although the new bike tracks have only been in the ground for a couple of weeks, we’ve already seen plenty of local bike riders lining up to take a turn on the track. There’s a lot of enthusiasm and respect for the new bike tracks with lots of people of all ages already making getting on the bike and checking these projects out. It’s rewarding for the staff who worked on this project to see such support and interest from our younger riders.”

All three tracks are now open for use at:

  • Anama Street, Fairy Meadow – Open and ready to go! Council will continue to monitor the track and make ongoing improvements in the new year, as required.
  • Bulli Park, Bulli – An advanced and beginner tracks have been opened. Council will continue to assess the track and will make further improvements in the new year, as required.

Next year, additional landscaping works, seating and other improvements will be installed at the three bike tracks. The tracks join another completed late last year in Figtree’s Harry Graham Park.

“We’ve fast-tracked the bulk of the work so that we could open up the tracks before Christmas. Next year, we’ll continue to make additional improvements to the tracks and surrounding area as required,” Ms Page said.

“We’ll also continue to monitor all the tracks over the coming months, and we’ll be checking in every now and then with the people who use them, to see how they are going and assess the ongoing wear and tear caused by use and wet weather.

“All of the new dirt-tracks cater to different bike riding abilities, with beginner and intermediate bike track options. That means if you’re learning to ride on a bike track, or want to develop your skills, there is really something for everyone to enjoy.”

For more information visit Council’s website.

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