Drivers reminded to follow road rules as children head back to the class room for 2022

IT’S back to the class room for students this month, and Wollongong City Council are warning drivers that compliance officers and police will be regularly patrolling school zones.

Wollongong Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbery has reminded motorists to travel safely, drive to the road conditions and follow traffic rules and parking restrictions.

“These restrictions and rules are in place to improve safety around schools,” he said.

“Schools can be very busy spaces especially before and after school with parents and children doing the drop-off and pick-up routine.

“It’s easy to get out of the swing of things after a long holiday break so our Compliance Officers will be patrolling schools to make sure that drivers are doing the right thing.”

Did you know?

  • Waiting in the no stopping zone is illegal and unsafe.
  • It’s illegal to stop on a children’s crossing – even to let children out of the car.
  • It’s dangerous to queue for a spot. If you can’t immediately find a park, drive around the block.
  • U-turns and three-point turns are dangerous around schools. It’s safest to avoid reverse parking outside a school.
  • The best place to drop-off and pick up children is on the school-side of the road. The safest door to exit the car is the kerbside rear door.
  • You can help reduce congestion in the school zone by parking a block from the school and walking with your children. Or try arriving 10 minutes after the bell for pick-up.

“Council has a big focus on road safety, and we know this is an important area of interest for our community as well. We also know that our residents travel to and from school in a myriad of ways – some people drive, others walk, and even more ride a bike to school,” Cr Bradbery said.

“Whichever way you travel to school, we ask that you be mindful of others and look after one another by keeping our roads, parking areas and footpaths safe for everyone.

“I’d also like to remind parents and carers that children under the age of 12 do not have the developmental skills to cope with complex traffic situations. It’s up to the adults to provide supervision and to help children cross the roads safely.

“We ask that everyone keep up the good work by driving safely and being mindful of others. Most importantly, we wish you all a fantastic school term.”

Important school zone parking signs

No Parking

Penalty exceeds $194 + 2 Demerit Points

No parking zones provide a safe place for drop-offs and pick up. You can stop here for up to two minutes to drop off and pick up passengers. If you’re helping children get in and out of the car or hugging goodbye, you must stay within three metres of your vehicle at all times.

No Stopping

Penalty exceeds $349 + 2 Demerit Points

Do not stop here for any reason. No stopping zones are there to keep sight lines clear for drivers and children. Drivers also must not stop at the side of a road marked with a continuous yellow line – this means the same as a No Stopping sign.

Bus Zone

Penalty exceeds $349 + 2 Demerit Points

These areas can only be used by buses. A Bus Zone allows buses to drop off and pick up passengers safely.

Children Crossing

Penalty exceeds $464 + 4 Demerit Points

Orange children crossing flags and hand-help stop signs must be obeyed. Slow down when you are approaching a children’s crossing and give way to pedestrians. You may be fined if you are caught stopping on or near a children’s crossing.

Speeding signs/School Zone signs

Minimum penalty exceeds $488 + 2 Demerit Points. Maximum penalty $3953 + 7 Demerit Points

School zone signs tell drivers what speed is allowed in a school zone at certain times of the school day. Speeding can increase the chance of a crash and injury. It’s never worth the risk to speed. Follow the road rules at all times when driving through school zones.

Running a Red Light

Penalty exceeds $561 + 4 Demerit Points

You have run a red light if your vehicle crosses the white stop line after the lights turn red.

Common parking rules

No Stopping on path/nature strip

Penalty exceeds $349 + 2 Demerit Points

Don’t stop in these areas for any reason. Clear unobstructed paths improve safety for pedestrians.

Double Centre Lines

Penalty Exceeds $349 + 2 Demerit Points

Don’t stop your vehicle within three metres of any double centre lines.

Parking across driveways and footpaths

Penalty exceeds $349 + 2 Demerit Points

Don’t stop across a driveway or footpath in a school zone, not even to drop off or pick up students.

Double Parking

Penalty Exceeds $349 + 2 Demerit Points

That’s when someone parks on a road between the centre of the road and another vehicle that is parked.

Stopping in intersections

Penalty exceeds $464 + 2 Demerit Points

Don’t stop within 10 metres of an intersection.


Penalty exceeds $349 + 3 Demerit Points

You can be penalised for a dangerous U-Turns in a school zone.

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